Waste Removal


Haresfield carry a full waste carriers license; an essential legality for all businesses transporting waste.


If you choose to have your waste removed, Haresfield bring the material back to our yard to be sorted:


Green Waste (grass, hedge clippings, old compost heaps, prunings) is composted down in our paddocks for a period of 9-12 months and is turned continuously. This method is called 'hot composting' and produces dark rich compost ready to be forked back into the garden. We sell this compost in bulk or in small bags.


Soil is recycled by putting it through our screener of various different grades (20mm, 15mm, 10mm & 6mm) producing topoils for a wide range of applications. Soil can also be mixed with our own compost to produce an enriched soil ideal for vegetable plots, raised beds and borders. We sell these soils in bulk.


Rubble & Heavy Soil is taken to a local waste plant for heavy duty application.